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 Free scripts

Example scripts for html parsing, web harvesting, screen scraper, web spiders, web crawler, web data automation.

 Script service

Get help from experts with the Djuggler script service.

Extract web data, automate web forms and create professional, robust web scrapers with a simple visual action script.

The Djuggler software includes many actions for HTML, DOM, XML, SQL, AJAX, web forms, regular expressions, fuzzy matching and more.

Actions include the capability for variables, arrays, if/else decision-making, looping and extensive database and file export capabilities.

The Djuggler script editor and build-in actions greatly reduces development costs and timelines, and makes ongoing maintenance and management of automated web scripts a breeze.

Djuggler scripts can be compiled as stand-alone Windows executable for easy deployment.

Scripts are created by dragging-and-dropping actions from a palette and placing them in the sequence desired for execution.

With full Unicode support, many web actions, extended text parsing features, data cleansing and text mining options, Djuggler enables the internet as a data source and transforms unstructured (web) data to a useable format.


  • Action support for HTML text extraction, web forms, etc.
  • Support for HTML Unicode, frames, AJAX
  • Import and Export from SQL, Excel, XML, CSV
  • Build-in advanced web inspector
  • Extended data validation and analyses actions

The Djuggler script service is provided when you need a web scraper solution but don't have the time or knowhow.

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